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    elisabeth said,

    I love noodles but would like some new (noodle) dishes. Also more whole grain options!

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    Katie said,

    Do you have nutrition facts available for the new sandwiches you offer? I love them but want to know what i’m eating!

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      Hi Katie,

      The Sandwich nutritional information is online at Just click ‘Nutrition’ and then click on ‘Nutrition and Allergy Info.’ Here’s the direct link:

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        Travis said,

        We have 3 peanut and 2 soy allergy people in our house, thought you guys were safe. I wanted to order a cheesesteak on Ciabatta, but questioned the bread even though no soy allergy was listed on your allergen menu. The manager and staff were very helpful, and per my request checked the label, and yes, it did have soy listed as an ingredient. Makes me question everything I ate, from the flatbread to the cheesesteak sauce as I sit here with stomach cramps. Do you have a more accurate/detailed list of your ingredients? Often “vegetable oil” is soy or soy blend. Many types of seasonings also have soybean oil. Soy lecithin is in almost all chocolate and other foods. Margarines are soybean based. Almost all salad dressings are soybean oil based. My family enjoys your food and we would like to continue eating, safely, at your restaurants.

        Thank you for your help!

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        Hi Travis,

        We understand your concern as we take allergies seriously and we appreciate you reaching out to us to learn more about our food. Soy oil is an ingredient in our Cheesesteak Sandwich, as well as all of our cooked dishes because we use soy oil to grease the pan for sautéing. However, no other soy ingredients are used in our Wisconsin Cheesesteak Sandwich. The only menu items that do not include soy oil are those that are not cooked, such as the salads. We currently don’t label soy oil on our allergen guide because refined oils are not considered an allergy, according to the FDA. If you would like to speak to our quality assurance manager more about soy allergies or any other allergy, please email us at with your phone number and we would be happy to set up that conversation.

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    Jill said,

    I just wanted to say how much I love eating at the noodles in my area. Recently, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and had to be put on a sodium restricted diet. Being only 30 years old, that kinda stinks. Noodles has helped me get through this diet like no other food has. Thanks to the nutritional information, I was able to determine that I could eat the oh so yummy chinese chopped salad without a worry. I love chinese food and this salad is the closest thing I can have to real chinese food. I go so often that when I walk in to the restaurant, I don’t even have to order because they already know what I want. The best christmas gift I got was my noodles and company gift card. You guys should come out with a frequent eaters card or coupons. Thanks again for making wonderful food and please BOTTLE THAT DRESSING!

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