We’re pro-noodles!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal guests who have reached out to us over the past few days. We have received some attention in the news after one of our team member’s on-camera opinions got picked up on the Internet, and on radio and TV shows. We have more than 5,000 team members across the country, and they’re all entitled to their own opinions-whether or not we agree with them. That’s what makes this a great country to live in. We have the freedom to voice our opinions.

Even though we may come from different backgrounds and have different views, we’re all aligned in providing our guests with the best possible dining experience. Our culture is built around providing great guest service and serving really good food. Speaking of food, that’s what we’re passionate about –  serving our guests delicious noodles, pasta, salads and sandwiches. We have a wide variety of global flavors all under one roof, because we like diversity. In fact, you’ll find Cavatappi pasta right next to our Udon noodles! So come on in and visit us. It’s like traveling the globe without leaving your table…or paying those ridiculous bag fees.


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    Karina said,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to myrtle beach or charleston. Im away at school and when I am home, you guys know my order!!! I absolutely love the mac and cheese and your other options. Consider coming to the SOUTH PLEASE!!

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