ANYTHING would be better than THESE gifts

Our new Anything Cards are perfect for anyone and any occasion. You get a free Sandwich Card when you buy an Anything Card in one of our restaurants or online now through Dec. 31, 2010!

Our ‘Anything Is Better Than This’ Flickr contest ended last Friday. We asked you to upload pictures of the most awful, weird, quirky and funny holiday gifts you’ve received. And oh boy, were they ever. We’re giving our top three winners each a $50 Anything Card! And they are…

Bacon Mug

This poor guy got fruit doilies

Wood statue

 Get a good laugh and view all the entries by viewing the group on Flickr.


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Tony said,

    I submitted the wood statue. The bacon mug is something off google images…

  2. 2

    Jason Russell said,

    Bacon mug? Really? You fell for that? I request a recount. No, seriously.

  3. 3

    Sara said,

    Who ever submitted the Bacon mug didn’t recieve it as a gift… its a picture that’s been floating around the internet for awhile, and was recently featured on Kind of unfair… who judged this thing?

  4. 4

    Hi Everyone- We were duped by the bacon mug entry. It would have been awesome if it was real… but it wasn’t. Thank you for watching out for us! We appreciate your support. With that said, the third winner for the ‘Anything Is Better Than This’ Flickr photo contest is Buckaroo2008 who entered the homemade mechanical bank. It’s stellar and the caption makes the photo even more hysterical. Visit to view the photo and read the caption. And remember: We ♥ U

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