Here’s where you find out if you have a little less shopping to do

Our new Anything Cards are perfect for anyone and any occasion. When you buy a $25 Anything Card in one of our restaurants or online now through Dec. 31, we’ll give you a free Sandwich Card.

Noodles & Company's Anything Card

In effort to spread a little holiday cheer, we told our Facebook ‘Likers’ (a.k.a. Facebook ‘Fans’) to tell us who they still need to buy a gift for this holiday season. We chose the best submissions and are sending their friends and family an Anything Card. The winners are:


My husband is an instructor on the Submarine Naval Base and doesn’t get to take long lunch breaks as he is sooooo busy!! Luckily, Noodles is just a few miles up the road from the base and he sure deserves to have a delicious take out lunch …instead of skipping it and coming home starved because he was too busy working to have the opportunity to sit down at a restaurant and wait to be served his meal. I could even pick up lunch for him and take it to him at work! He would love a surprise like that!! And, I’m sure that he absolutely deserves it as he was just named Sailor of the Quarter for all the time and hard work he puts in!!


My daughter!!! Noodles is one of the only places she can eat at because all of her food allergies (dairy, egg, and peanut)and you are awesome about catering to her needs! Thanks and keep up the good work! 🙂


My daughter, that bright bulb frosh, trunching through the waist high snow drifts in St.Paul on the University of Minnesota campus – Sure I’ll get her that Dylan book and maybe a CD — but the best answer to the Daily Dorm Cuisine is a real delicious Noodles food survival card…and she needs that even more than a hat and mittens!


I have a young friend named Mindy who went into kidney failure shortly after her 18th birthday. She has been doing dialysis for the past 4 years and has suffered many complications that required her to leave college and move back home. Last… week she received a kidney transplant and is now well on her way to returning to a normal life and diet which can now include her beloved Mac n cheese from Noodles. She would enjoy an Anything Card.

However, perhaps even more deserving of a gift card is her boyfriend Dave. Although he wasn’t a match for her he donated a kidney as her part of a 5 way swap where each recipient had a donor who matched one of the other recipients.


I would give one to our nanny who takes such wonderful care of our twin girls (who will be two on Christmas day!). Due to her religion she does not celebrate, but I would still like to give her a little something. I would have the girls color (sribble) a picture and turn it into a card for her, with the gift card!


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