Top 5 Ways to love pasta

October is National Pasta Month! How will you show your appreciation for pasta? 

Here are our Top 5 Ways to illustrate your love for pasta:

  1. Share a bowl of Spaghetti & Meatballs with a loved one, Lady and the Tramp-style
  2. Take a friend to Noodles & Company this a week and share your favorite bowl of pasta with them
  3. Cook your loved one a pasta dinner and have him guess the type of noodles you are using
  4. Do you have a sick friend? Pick up a bowl of our Chicken Noodle Soup for them. Sick ones can celebrate, too.
  5. October is also tailgating season! Make a pasta salad for the next tailgate you’re going to or pick up a Square Bowl (shown below) to share with the party.

Tell us how you plan to celebrate National Pasta Month. The most creative comment will receive a free bowl card! We will take comments until Sunday 10/24 at midnight! 

Noodles & Company's Family-Style To-Go Option, Square Bowls


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  1. 1

    Michelle said,

    Linguine skirt.
    Orecchiette bra.

    Do the noodle-hula from sun up ’til dinnertime here in tropical Kansas.

    Then, for your nostalgic delight, we’ll macaroni-macarena all night!

  2. 2

    sarah markle said,

    I will be celebrating by taking my husband and 10 month old out for Noodles. Our little guy gets all excited saying mmmmmm as we enter the door to Noodles. It is so funny. He enjoys eating your buttered noodles with parm chicken. Can not wait for our next trip. Sounds yummy right now.

  3. 3

    Felicia Nguyen said,

    For pasta month all my friends at college are getting together and going to Noodles. The food there is to die for and tops campus food any day. We’ll order there and have a blast or we’ll buy all different kinds and pig out back at school! All splitting the different kinds of amazing food!

  4. 4

    Anita Clark said,

    I am a breast cancer research advocate so I plan on making my family an October tradition…Pink Ribbon shaped homemade totellini with pink alfredo sauce. I have been making this every October since my children were born to remind them of h…ow impotant it is take care of yourself. This years will be a healthy version made with whole wheat pasta dough. Of course I will need to swing by Noodles to get some flatbread to go along with it for the kids since as they say it…Yours is the bestest!I try to do something like this every week with my girls and it also gets them into the kitchen with me to make memories!!!

  5. 5

    Dar bellissimo said,

    My way if sharing this month would be gathering all my dear friends whose birthday (this month)will be celebrating at noodles for fun evening out.My treat !!!

  6. 6

    Jesse said,

    I’ll be making a delicious penne pasta with my homemade marinara sauce, make some ceaser salad, and down it with some lemonade, coke, or an Izze. Pasta’s my favorite thing ever… Are you guys hiring in Arvada or Broomfield?

  7. 7

    cary said,

    Wait it is pasta month??? I needed a excuse (OK any excuse) to go to noodles for Penne Rosa and a huge honkin’ rice krispy treat for me and the same to surprise my dear best friend with the crappiest job in the world at work. No day is so bad that it can’t be fixed with pasta!

  8. 8

    Allison said,

    we eat our favorite pastas…spaghetti [mine] and fettucini alfredo [his]!
    ill make pasta art with the little ones i nanny for…in the shape of the noodles & co. logo!

  9. 9

    Susan Morten said,

    We celebrated National Pasta Month with a “Noodles & Co & “Dancing with the Stars” Girls’ Night In Party”!

    We ordered carryout from Noodles & Co., and served an elegant three-course dinner by candlelight, accompanied by wine pairings. (“Elegant” = printed menus, tuxedo-pleated placemats, matching cloth napkins, and the “good” china on TV trays, with “top-of-the-line” silver plastic utensils :).

    1) Noodles & Co. Thai Soup & Salad
    2) Noodles & Co. Square Bowl Entrees garnished with Homegrown Cherry Tomatoes
    3) Chocolate Truffles & Kahlua (sorry Noodles…you don’t sell those…yet)

    We savored and slurped the delicious pasta while ensconced on a buttery-soft leather sofa in front of the TV while watching both the performance AND results nights of DWTS. We withheld the celebratory champagne because everybody’s Quintessential TV Mom, Florence Henderson, was voted off! But even SHE couldn’t have made better pasta than Noodles & Co.!

    • 10

      Susan Morten said,

      Oops! I forgot to say that, just like on Dancing with the Stars, before our “Noodles & Co & DWTS Girls-Night-In” party (see above), the guests-to-be “cast their votes by phone or text” for which Noodles menu items to serve! The winners were: Thai Curry Soup, Caesar Salad, Pesto Cavatappi w/parmesan chicken breast, Pad Thai w/shrimp, and Mushroom Stroganoff w/beef.

  10. 12

    Gayle Bernacki said,

    I will be dressing up as Marco Polo and reenacting the discovery of pasta. After the performance, I will be hosting a Noodles square bowl party for all my friends and enjoying the best pasta dishes out there!

  11. 13

    Francine Speaker said,

    Many people say they have kids who are picky eaters. Our family has a picky adult. Grandma has limited things she will eat. When we travel together we end up eating only in place she will enjoy. That leaves the rest of us who like variety and spice bored.

    Noodles and Co to the rescue!!!!

    We are currently in Utah visiting my nephew who is doing an internship here. One of the local Noodles and Co. will get a visit from 4 generations! Mac and Cheese or Stroganoff for Grandma, something from the Asian menu for Mom and me (Pan Noodles?) and either Asian or Spaghetti and Meatballs for Chris.

    Thanks you Noodles for bridging the generation gap and pleasing palates from 21 to 85!

  12. 14

    Debrah B said,

    Dressing up for Halloween as the pasta monster. Gonna have penne glued all over my outfit. It will be epic.

  13. 15

    Susan Morten said,

    I won?? I won!! I’m wearing a big elbow macaroni smile! And I see another Noodles buffet including the Bowl prize at our next DWTS Watch Party. To carry on the formal dinner-by-candlelight theme, we’ll have to order something with “Bow Tie” pasta! Wait a minute…there is no bow tie pasta on the menu!

    To remedy that, how about a “Customers-Design-a-Pasta-Dish” contest? In keeping with Noodles & Company’s generous (and fun) food pantry promotion last Spring, the winning entry could be added to the menus all over the country for a month, with a percentage of sales of that entree going to restock local food pantries.

    Just thinkin’…introducing the new “Tuxedo Bowl”… a (white) bow tie pasta and black beans concoction!

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