Pasta isn’t just pasta to us.

Unless you’re a pasta connoisseur yourself, you may not know that there are good and bad types of pasta out there. To help put it into perspective a little bit: pasta is just like clothes, where the best shirts are made from the nicest fabrics. So we want to make our bowls with the best pasta. Getting the best and freshest pasta is super duper important to us. I mean, we are a pasta place for pete’s sake. That’s why we get our pasta from the Dakota Growers Pasta Company up in North Dakota (they’re the guys responsible for growing 75% of the durum wheat grown in the US, which is the type of wheat grown specifically for making pasta). Dakota Growers own their own mill, and use mama mia Italian equipment and technology to make their noodles. The shape, the color, the texture, the nutty wheat aroma, and taste- these are not coincidences. (Bad pasta, for example, breaks apart easily and doesn’t hold the sauce to the noodle.) We work hard with them to get all these pasta characteristics just right so that when you order your Penne Rosa with feta cheese on top, it tastes juuuuust right.

We just thought you’d like to know that.

Wheat being harvested at the Dakota Growers Pasta Company fields.


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