10 reasons to go Square

We introduced Square Bowls, our family style to-go option in all of our restaurants a few months ago. We get it- the name isn’t all that self explanatory. Let us tell you. These bowls are a new kind of bowl- so big they need corners. They’re great for feeding the family, or a hungry mob, at the office, or on the go. Any noodle or salad can be served in a Square Bowl, feeds each person for about $5, each Square Bowl feeds 4-6,  and they’re totally customizable- leaving everyone happy.

Can’t figure out when you would go Square? How about any of these situations:

  1. You’re an awful cook
  2. You want to impress a date
  3. You need a quick dinner idea
  4. You want to spend under $5 per person for dinner
  5. You want leftovers for tomorrow
  6. You’re really hungry
  7. You like being able to say the words “square bowls” (who doesn’t?)
  8. To kill two birds with one stone! Dinner and a reusable Tupperware container. Done and done.
  9. It’s your friend’s birthday, and you’d like an alternative to cake to stick the candle in.
  10. Why not?

Noodles & Company's Square Bowls


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