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The food we serve in our restaurants is inspired by flavors from all around the world: from Japanese Pan Noodles, to Penne Rosa, to Thai Curry Soup. Tell us about how your dad has inspired you by commenting below. Those with the best stories will win a free Noodles & Company gift basket for them and their dad, filled with T-shirts, Free Bowl Cards, and other fun swag.


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  1. 1

    Claire McDonald said,

    My dad is a homicide detective for the Chicago Police. He risks his life everyday doing the work he does. It is amazing that he sees what he sees everyday at work and then comes home to his family with a smile on his face (most of the time) and cooks us dinner. He inspires me to try to be a better person by being nice and saying no to things that are wrong.

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      Justin Chavez said,

      My Dad is amazing for a variety of things. First and foremost, he is a true leader of the home. More often than not, my father is the first to sacrifice his well being for myself and family. He’ll give up the power tool he wanted or he’ll stop what he’s doing to help whenever he is asked. He works long hours and doesn’t ever just relax. He loves Noodles and when time permits and mom and him can go on a date, Noodles is it. Once he at Noodles three times in a week, much to the chargrin of my mom. She was burnt out! Lastly, I have to say above anything else, my Dad is the spiritual leader of our home. He stands up for truth, justince, and love. He guides our family daily unto the Jesus Christ our saviour.

  2. 3

    Nicole Drebenstedt said,

    My dad is the greatest dad someone could ever have. 7 and a half years ago my dad was in an accident and that accident has left him in a consent state of pain. Even with all the pain he suffers, he is still there for me, my little brother, and my mom. He is such an amazing person to just love on people, and help them as much as he can.

  3. 4

    Mel Bov said,

    When Vegan daughter, Lyz, was suffering through bad times at school her Dad brought her almost daily dinners from Noodles, the only food she really was able to stomach. While he has been out of work for many years he has a remarkable ability to help her through her school problems and health problems with gentle understanding.

  4. 5

    Cat said,

    My dad inspires me to be a better person every day. He’s been an inspiration to me my whole life. He married very young(17) and was working as a busboy in a restaurant putting himself thru college while raising a family with 3 kids. I always tell people he was like a super-hero to me growing up. He did things that to this day amaze me with his personal work ethic and strength, love and beliefs. I only hope to be as good a parent and person that he was and still is. Super Dad I love you!

  5. 6

    Karie Gallegos said,

    My dad is awesome in so many ways…He would do anything for us and with us and that is why we love him!

    When our kids were in school he was always there to lend a hand, he spends countless hours with his grandchildren and great grandson. He helps all of us in our yards, painting the house and decorates for us and other family memebers every year for Christmas.

    Before my dad retired he worked for a large bank and was a Vice President. To make a long story short while he was working there my brother was kidnapped and held for randsom. My dad was of course the contact person for the kidnapper. My brother had gotten away and was in a safe place, unbeknownst to the kidnapper, and had made contact with our dad. My dad then received a call from the kiddnapper and decided to go through with his demands so that he would be caught and put in prison. My dad put his life in danger so that we as his children would not have to worry about someone running around and possibly trying to kidnap any of us again!

    My dad is caring, loving, creative, honest, a friend, a loving husband, a fantastic grandpa and we love him!!!

  6. 8

    Amanda said,

    My dad inspired me to become an engineer. When I was little we played Legos, took things apart, and he taught me how anything worked. When I was older he helped me in school, encouraged me to work hard and play harder. He has supported me in every single thing I’ve ever wanted–from ballet to Disneyland trips to engineering to my own family. He is an inspiration to me at work; we work for the same company and it’s easy to see how much his employees value his opinion and respect him as a leader.

    Most of all, he was and IS the best Daddy I could have asked for. We go to lunch together almost every Friday (and almost always to Noodles) to catch up together. I’m a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ in every way, and he makes it so much fun.

    Thanks Daddy for teaching me to be my own person, fix my own shower, get my own education and countless other things. Thanks for coming to fix things when I can’t figure them out. Thanks for the experiences, the lessons, the laughs and the smiles.

    I’ll see you for lunch today.

    xoxo Amanda

  7. 10

    Kristin said,

    I know this is supposed to be about my dad, but instead I am writing about my kids’ daddy, my husband. My younger daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder, so every day is a new experience. My husband works extra hard so that I can be home with her since she would not be able to handle a daycare situation. He is an equal partner in her care instead of pushing everything on me. He is also amazing with our older child, and often comes up with things to do just with her, so that she does not become overwhelmed with all of the attention the little one gets!

  8. 11

    yarndork said,

    My dad has inspired me in so many quiet ways. When my mom passed away from cancer in 1994, I thought my dad would retreat into his shell, as he’s the king of introverts. He did not. He taught himself to be more out-going, even to the point of dancing with my sister at her wedding 5 months later. When he comes to visit, he always slips us money, or wants to “help” buy groceries, which means he goes with and just pays for the whole she-bang. With 3, now 4 growing boys, it sure helps. He often goes the extra mile with most things he does, if one of the boys wants to stay the night at his house, he keeps them for 2 or 3 nights, or takes all the boys instead of just the one. He’s about to celebrate his 70th birthday, on July 4th, and I can almost guarantee you that he’ll be the one at the grill serving up the food for the family. He’s always been an amazing father, and he’s grown into the best grandpa I could ask for my boys.

  9. 12

    Chris said,

    My dad inspires me every day. He has been battling lung cancer for close to a year. He has been on chemo, about 6 rounds of it, and he just recently finished 6 weeks of radiation treatments. Last fall, after he finished his 3rd round of chemo, he got viral menengitis. He was in the hospital for a week. After he finished his radiation treatment, he came down with pneumonia, and was in the hospital again for about a week. He has struggled, and continues to struggle with this awful disease, but he also continues to go on living his life. He inspires me every day. He loves to golf, and though it is hard, he gets out once a week, and plays as many holes as he can. Despite being tired all of the time, and never feeling well, he still has the ability to make us all laugh. He is such a wonderful man and I love him to pieces!

  10. 13

    Jess :) said,

    To say that I am a “daddy’s girl” is a total understatement. However, it hasn’t always been that way.

    You see, my parents got divorced when I was 7. My dad made some ‘not-so-great’ choices and that’s just what needed to happen. Unfortunately, when that happened, my relationship with my dad also become quite strained. I was upset, angry and sad with him. Granted, I was only 7, yet grew up pretty quickly because of the circumstances and just didn’t understand how he could do that to our family.

    Well, a few years after that, he realized that what he had done to all of us was a huge mistake. He later became a Christian and at the same time, become one of the most wonderful fathers anyone could ever ask for.

    Today, I am 29 years old and have the best relationship with my dad. He is a very patient, generous, loving and caring person. He goes above and beyond to do things for not only for my sister and me, but for others. He also just became a grandpa for the first time and it is such a JOY to see how enamored he is with his grandson. 🙂

    All in all, I wouldn’t change the past for anything. Sure, it was more than difficult to go through all the pain years ago, but I know we wouldn’t be where we are today if we wouldn’t have gone through all of that. Pain and heartache developed into a father-daughter bond that will never be broken again. And that is why I am so inspired by my dad.

  11. 14

    tara wilburn said,

    I have ALWAYS been a daddy’s girl. My daddy has 4 boys and then me.
    My dad was a truck driver for the longest time but did the best he could to make sure he was home for every single recital and concert and graduation. after he stopped driving trucks he worked an hour away from the house and worked 50+hrs a week and was still here for all 5 of us kids. now i have my own daughter and my daddy was the first one i went to and the one i was closest to. he was with me in the hospital and brought me noodles for dinner every day we were there. he is incredibly patient with me and my daughter. he is friendly and courageous and would do anything in the world for me. Every sunday we go to noodles and the park. its our weekend ritual. now that i’ve gotten older i realize how much he has given up for me and how generous hes been to us. My daddy is one of the best men in the world and i am actually crying thinking about what would happen if i didn’t have my dad. ❤ you daddy.

  12. 15

    Judy Skeel said,

    As a kid my dad “made me” weed the garden. He “made me” listen to his lectures about how to prune this plant or that fruit tree to produce the best blooms, shape and fruit. He “made me” follow him in the yard so he could show me the difference between a wanted seedling and an unwanted weed. Now I have the coolest garden around, 40 years later with veggies, herbs, glorious blooms and a waterfall that pours into a goldfish pond I dug myself. My son had his wedding rehersal here last year because our yard is so elegant with arbors and roses and hand made furniture my husband designed. The yard is also keeping our grocery prices down from all the veggies and fruit we harvest and put up each year, just like my dad always insisted I would someday want to do. How did he know this would be my passion when no other sibling gives a hoot about gardening? It’s just a spectacular Dad Insight!

  13. 16

    Rose Z said,

    My father was a kind and gentle man. He helped out so much in the community, coaching baseball volunteering at a homeless shelter and at a nursing home, and when we were old enough we went with him. He taught us so many lessons I could go on forever. 2 years before he died he got to become a grandfather and he was so excited.
    He left this world to go to heaven and pull some strings for me. I was 26 years old with a 2 year old daughter and in need of a kidney. He went up to help me out and exactly 5 months ( to the hour ) after he passed I was in the OR receiving my new kidney after 14 months on dialysis. I would give it all back in a heart beat to have my daddy back again.
    If I win I will share with the father of my princess. He was amazing and so strong during all my health problems( including me being in a coma in septic shock) Seeing him with our Keira reminds me so much of the amazing relationship I had with my dad!

  14. 17

    Wendy Colglazier said,

    My Daddy inspires me – to be humble, gracious, care about my work, put my “all” into everything I do, have fun, laugh, play, pray, be there for others. My Daddy has taught me all these, and so much more.

  15. 18

    Renee said,

    My dad always inspired me to be the best I could be. Being the youngest of 4 sisters who all played basketball, I grew up around the gym. I knew that I wanted to play basketball from a young age. My dad taught me how to shoot, dribble, and pass a basketball. He was one of the coaches of my very first team, and he continued to coach me through middle school.
    In 9th grade, I didn’t make the travel team that I wanted to play on. My dad, seeing how devastated I was, found another team that had late tryouts and took me to them. I was so intimidated because the girls were all bigger and stronger than me, but my dad gave me the courage to go through the tryouts. He told me that as long as I gave my best effort, he would be proud of me. I worked harder than I ever had up until that point, and I ended up making the team. I played on it for 3 years after that. Several times a week, my dad drove me an hour away to practice, and then an hour back home. Every weekend, he drove me to tournaments near and far. He really put his life on hold so that I could live my dream.
    In college, I knew that I still had the drive to play basketball (a trait I share with my dad). I tried out for the women’s basketball team my junior year, and I was very nervous trying out for a Division-1 team because I knew that they would be in much better shape than I was. As I walked in the arena, I remembered the pep talk my dad had given me years ago, and I did the best I could. I ended up making the team as a walk-on! My dad couldn’t have been prouder as he saw me run onto the court for warm-ups in my first university-level basketball game. He came to every home game to see me.
    My basketball career ended a few years ago, but I know my dad is still proud of me. I attended the Alumni Day for my college team this year, and he came to see me take the court one more time and be recognized for my achievements. I couldn’t have done any of this if my dad hadn’t encouraged me to give my all and be the best that I could be. I am forever grateful for the time, love, and support my dad has given to me.
    Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you.

  16. 19

    Amanda said,

    Almost 15 years ago, my father fell over 33 feet and broke his neck, several ribs, and his ankle. The doctors said that he should not be alive. My mother was his main care taker when he came home from the hospital. We had rent a hospital bed for our living room because my parent’s bedroom was up stairs and he was barely able to walk 100 feet to the bath room much less up stairs. Each day, my dad is in constant pain due to his neck injury but he continues to go to work as a mason for the family business.
    Just over 3 weeks ago the tables turned dramatically in my family. My mother who is usually the person who runs the house hold and tends to all of us kids, was hospitalized and diagnosed with Kidney Failure and Multiple Myeloma (a type of cancer). She was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and my dad always made sure someone was with her 24 hours a day. If no one else could be there with my mom, he was there by her side sleeping in a folding chair. Since she has come home, he continues to ensure my mother is not alone. My father also made sure the 4 of us kids (who are still living at home) were all taken care of, did majority of the house and yard work, while running his business.
    In my life time, I have only seen my father cry twice; the first time was at the funeral of his best friend from high school and the other was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I use to think that my parent would be better off divorced but now I see how deep their love is for each other. The love that they share is a love that I hope to be able to share when I get married. Over the past month or so, my dad has shown a type of love for not only my mom but all of us kids (there are six of us) that I didn’t think existed in the world.
    My father has inspired me beyond words over these last few months and has set an example that I hope my fiancée and I will be able to follow. My dad has an incredible since of humor, is intelligent beyond words, and loves my siblings and my mother like there is no tomorrow. I never realized how much my father means to me nor did I take the time to think about it. I feel that this Father’s Day is the first Father’s Day in a long time where when I tell him ‘Happy Father’s Day’ it will come from the heart. Love you Daddy!

  17. 20

    Linda said,

    My dad has literally given me life and inspired me to live life to the very fullest…it all started 27 years ago when my [mom and] dad adopted my twin sister and I (who were almost three year years old at the time,) followed shortly by our little brother, adopted from India at 15 months. Needless to say, he [and my mom] have given us a life we never could have had otherwise.

    He was a chemistry and biology teacher and his thirst for knowledge and love of the great outdoors passed on to us and enriched our lives in ways he may never understand. We were fortunate travel to places like the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina to name just a few. At the time, I was jealous of all the other kids that got to go to Disney World. I didn’t know that I was the lucky one. Growing up, we were able to host ten exchange students from Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Mexico, and Uruguay in our home. This opportunity has provided a global lens that I will use for the rest of my life and has partly influenced my decision to be an ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher.

    So as I celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow and prepare to turn the big 3-0 in less than a month, I reflect on how much my dad has given me and made me the person I am today..Happy Father’s Day!

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