Our Top Five Ways to Spend Mother’s Day, Noodles-style

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Have you been pondering what to get your mom this Mother’s Day? The average person spends $126 on this holiday! So you might ask yourself, ‘What the heck are these people buying?’ According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the top five presents were a meal out, jewelry, flowers, gift cards, and clothes. Borrrrring.

Here are our top five ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, NOODLES-STYLE:

  1. Art: Buy seven Rice Krispy Treats and form them together in the shape of a heart
  2. Party: Plan a surprise party for your mom and serve Square Bowls
  3. Manicure: Order The Med Salad and stick the olives on her fingers
  4. Pedicure: Order two bowls of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese and let your mom soak her feet in it
  5. Love: Tell you mom you love her… more than Noodles.  🙂

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  1. 1

    hannah said,

    wow that was stupid i would rather buy something ab 100 dallahs

  2. 2

    Sandy said,

    Hi: I love N&C and really missed getting a Mother’s Day coupon this year which I ALWAYS used to take my mom to her favorite restaurant, Noodles & Co. Her favorite combo is the Mac n’Cheese with a parm Chicken on top. Sigh. Guess I’ll just have to wait for my birthday coupon–sure hope you don’t discontinue those too :-(.

  3. 3

    Pat wollin said,

    I think your idea of ordering noodle bowls is wonderful! That way ALL the mom’s in the family can rest for the day!! Nobody has to cook, except N&C ofcourse! Great Idea!! 🙂

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