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Memorial Day: The best 3-day weekend ever.

The unofficial day of summer is almost upon us! That means Bar-B-Qs, time with the family and pool parties. Looking for a way to feed your family of four, or your party of 50, without slaving away in the kitchen? Fresh Wisconsin Mac n Cheese, Penne Rosa with parmesan chicken, Spaghetti and Meatballs in under five minutes. No clean up, just pick up.

Try ordering Square Bowls for the next time you need a noodle or salad dish for your event. Eat like a family, even if you’re not. Square bowls are the perfect way to mix and match, and try the dish you’ve been meaning to try. It’s simple, there are only 4 steps you’ll have to do.

How to be Square:

  1. Figure out how many people you need to feed and divide that number by 4
  2. Decide which noodle/soup bowls you’d like to order
  3. Add a protein
  4. Visit to find your local Noodles & Company’s phone number
  5. Call the restaurant to place your order and set a pickup time
  6. Go to the restaurant to pick up your Square Bowl
  7. Whallah! Dinner for your party in no time.


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Armed Forces Day

Each year, we come together to celebrate the military troops who continue to fight for our country on a day called Armed Forces Day.

This year on Armed Forces Day, our Colorado Spring restaurants honored members of the military for their services. They serve us all year round, and last Saturday, we asked the Military personnel of Fort Carson if we could serve them. We invited everyone with a military ID into our restaurants for free Sandwich Duos. Over 300 meals were given away. We will continue to recognize and support the incredible work the Armed Forces does for our country!

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Our Top Five Ways to Spend Mother’s Day, Noodles-style

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Have you been pondering what to get your mom this Mother’s Day? The average person spends $126 on this holiday! So you might ask yourself, ‘What the heck are these people buying?’ According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the top five presents were a meal out, jewelry, flowers, gift cards, and clothes. Borrrrring.

Here are our top five ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, NOODLES-STYLE:

  1. Art: Buy seven Rice Krispy Treats and form them together in the shape of a heart
  2. Party: Plan a surprise party for your mom and serve Square Bowls
  3. Manicure: Order The Med Salad and stick the olives on her fingers
  4. Pedicure: Order two bowls of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese and let your mom soak her feet in it
  5. Love: Tell you mom you love her… more than Noodles.  🙂

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