Our IT team is faster than yours

Normally, IT stands for Information Technology. We say our Noodles & Company IT department stands for “Incredibly Toned.”

Not only could our IT department fix any technology glitch better than Tom Cruise in “Minority Report,” but they’re also in unbelievable shape. Our IT team enjoys running marathons, long walks on the beach, and mountain biking.

Rather than using their lunch break to chow down on Noodles, occasionally, they’ll trade in their time to “leisurely” bike six miles together. When we snapped these photos (below) a couple days ago, the six mile bike ride took about 20 minutes.

Noodles & Company's IT Department



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    Amanda said,

    Almost 15 years ago, my father fell over 33 feet and broke his neck, several ribs, and his ankle. The doctors said that he should not be alive. My mother was his main care taker when he came home from the hospital. We had rent a hospital bed for our living room because my parent’s bedroom was up stairs and he was barely able to walk 100 feet to the bath room much less up stairs. Each day, my dad is in constant pain due to his neck injury but he continues to go to work as a mason for the family business.
    Just over 3 weeks ago the tables turned dramatically in my family. My mother who is usually the person who runs the house hold and tends to all of us kids, was hospitalized and diagnosed with Kidney Failure and Multiple Myeloma (a type of cancer). She was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and my dad always made sure someone was with her 24 hours a day. If no one else could be there with my mom, he was there by her side sleeping in a folding chair. Since she has come home, he continues to ensure my mother is not alone. My father also made sure the 4 of us kids (who are still living at home) were all taken care of, did majority of the house and yard work, while running his business.
    In my life time, I have only seen my father cry twice; the first time was at the funeral of his best friend from high school and the other was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I use to think that my parent would be better off divorced but now I see how deep their love is for each other. The love that they share is a love that I hope to be able to share when I get married. Over the past month or so, my dad has shown a type of love for not only my mom but all of us kids (there are six of us) that I didn’t think existed in the world.
    My father has inspired me beyond words over these last few months and has set an example that I hope my fiancée and I will be able to follow. My dad has an incredible since of humor, is intelligent beyond words, and loves my siblings and my mother like there is no tomorrow. I never realized how much my father means to me nor did I take the time to think about it. I feel that this Father’s Day is the first Father’s Day in a long time where when I tell him ‘Happy Father’s Day’ it will come from the heart. Love you Daddy!

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