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The Importance of School Gardens

It’s no secret that childhood obesity has increased dramatically over the past few years. Public figures like First Lady, Michelle Obama are supporting school and home gardens all over the Nation.  Obama recently took her “Lets move” campaign against childhood obesity to San Diego. Read the article about Obama’s visit in San Diego where she toured the New Roots Community Farm here.

Similar to how Obama is changing the way America eats, we are taking steps to educate and introduce fresh produce into the minds and bodies of young Americans. We serve 14 fresh veggies in our restaurants, and encourage our customers to add veggies to their meals to eat well-balanced, as we believe in educating our youth about vegetables and the proper ways to grow vegetables. We believe this influence can help solve America’s obesity epidemic and poor eating habits.

Earlier this month, our restaurants partnered with Slow Food Denver, Boulder, and Salt Lake City chapters, and raised more than $12,000 to help support the organization and development of school gardens.  One of Slow Food’s goals is to teach students about growing fresh fruits and vegetables so they gain an understanding of the agricultural cycle from seed-to-table and an appreciation of the taste and quality of food that is raised responsibly and with care. For more information on school gardens, and our Slow Food partnership, please visit


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Our IT team is faster than yours

Normally, IT stands for Information Technology. We say our Noodles & Company IT department stands for “Incredibly Toned.”

Not only could our IT department fix any technology glitch better than Tom Cruise in “Minority Report,” but they’re also in unbelievable shape. Our IT team enjoys running marathons, long walks on the beach, and mountain biking.

Rather than using their lunch break to chow down on Noodles, occasionally, they’ll trade in their time to “leisurely” bike six miles together. When we snapped these photos (below) a couple days ago, the six mile bike ride took about 20 minutes.

Noodles & Company's IT Department


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