Kids swap candy for noodles

Crazy, huh? That kids would give up their candy for noodles? We didn’t even have to fight them for it. We just told parents that if they bring in their kids and some of their leftover Halloween candy, we’d give them a free, small bowl of noodles. And it was a hit. We think it’s cool that kids actually were excited to swap their candy for something healthier. At this point you might wondering or questioning how healthy noodles can be – in one word, very.

Did you know that 16 of our dishes are 400 calories or less? It’s the truth. We also have 14 fresh veggies on our menu, so add some broccoli to your kid’s Mac & Cheese next time. They might actually like it, and you’ll feel like a better parent. In fact, you can customize almost anything to your liking at Noodles. Add a protein. Make it more spicy. Make it less spicy. Sub Whole Grain Linguine. The list goes on. Okay, we’re done lecturing.

Now check out some photos from the event.




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