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From all of us, To all of you

Here’s a fun video from all of us, wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Introducing Square Bowls – bowls so big they need corners

Guests coming into town? Not sure what to feed them? Don’t stress. We’re introducing Square Bowls, a family-style noodles and salads option for feeding a family of four to a group of 50. Just like all our dishes, Square Bowls are 100 percent customizable, which makes them a great way to ensure everyone at home, at the party or the office will find something they like. Check out for more information.

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Another reason to eat @ Noodles- it’s legal to not tip

This is crazy.

A couple was arrested for not paying a mandatory 18 percent gratuity at a Pub in Bethlehem, Pa., reported David Chang for NBC Philadelphia. Since when were tips mandatory? Our restaurants have a no-tip policy, because we don’t think you should have to pay extra for good service – it should come regardless.

Anyway, the couple is scheduled to appear in court next month. We wish them luck!

Bonnie and Clyde

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Kids swap candy for noodles

Crazy, huh? That kids would give up their candy for noodles? We didn’t even have to fight them for it. We just told parents that if they bring in their kids and some of their leftover Halloween candy, we’d give them a free, small bowl of noodles. And it was a hit. We think it’s cool that kids actually were excited to swap their candy for something healthier. At this point you might wondering or questioning how healthy noodles can be – in one word, very.

Did you know that 16 of our dishes are 400 calories or less? It’s the truth. We also have 14 fresh veggies on our menu, so add some broccoli to your kid’s Mac & Cheese next time. They might actually like it, and you’ll feel like a better parent. In fact, you can customize almost anything to your liking at Noodles. Add a protein. Make it more spicy. Make it less spicy. Sub Whole Grain Linguine. The list goes on. Okay, we’re done lecturing.

Now check out some photos from the event.



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Our new Centennial, CO restaurant teamed up with Arapahoe High School

We opened our first restaurant in Centennial, CO on Friday, Nov. 6.

The new location celebrated its grand opening with a pre-opening fundraiser on Thursday, Nov. 5 where 100% of sales went to benefit Arapahoe High School. Drum roll please … $5,346 was raised!  Thanks to everyone who helped us.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

In case you wanna visit us, the new restaurant is at University & Arapahoe- within The Streets at Southglenn.
Address: 2730 E. Arapahoe Rd.
Phone: 303-730-2707
Find it here.

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The Daily Illini reports University of Illinois’ junior guard, Demetri McCamey, ate at Noodles & Company to get in shape for the 2009-10 season

Check out the Daily Illini article.

“In recent months, he has substituted pasta and baked chicken for ‘fried everything.’”

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May the best pumpkin win

Our Hillsboro restaurant held a pumpkin carving contest the day before Halloween. Fifty guests signed up and thirty families came down to carve pumpkins donated by Roloff Farms. The pumpkins will be judged on Tuesday Nov. 3 at 6 p.m. by Amy Roloff, co-star of TLC’s “Little People, Big World.”

That same day, our Hillsboro location is holding an all-day benefit event for the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation , which supports Bridge Meadows and The Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA).

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