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Quad Cities Marathon Pasta Party

Saturday, September 26, Noodles & Company hosted a pre-race carbo load for about 400 guests for the Quad Cities Marathon . The dinner was at the iWireless Center in Moline, IL.

We served Japanese Pan Noodles, House Marinara, Pesto Cavatappi, a tossed green side salad with balsamic vinagarette and flatbread.

Noodles & Company was also post-race with Noodle Art and prizes.

Do you have a local event you’d like Noodles & Company to be a part of? If so, contact your local restaurant’s General Manager.


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This is your food canned. This is your food fresh.

The Guardian’s online newspaper , put together a slide show called ‘Food advertising v reality.’ It compares photos of food taken for advertising purposes and compares it to what the food looks like after purchase. Which looks the best to you?

Burger King whopper

Arby’s beef ‘n’ cheddar sandwich

Pesto Cavatappi

Japanese Pan Noodles

Another one of our favorite photos from the slide show

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We take holidays seriously

In honor of the widely popular international holiday, Talk Like a Pirate Day, on Saturday September 19th, the Noodles & Company Headquarters hosted a pirate party.

Although no parrots were present, the IT team did manage to borrow a life-size pirate fully equipped with a peg leg and a hook. Yarrr.

It was a gorgeous Colorado afternoon, so we took the party outside.

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Supporting Kids in the Salt Lake City Area

On September 2, the Noodles & Company location in Murray, Utah hosted a pillow drive for children in need. Customers were encouraged to donate a new pillow, which would be given to underprivileged kids in the Salt Lake City area. Over 150 pillows were contributed. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Top Chef or American Idol?

Our executive chef, Ross Kamens, has been rollin’ across the country stopping in at different news stations to do cooking segments on the morning shows. He’s teaching viewers how to make our yummy Spaghetti & Meatballs-our newest menu item.

He even began to sing during a segment in Milwaukee. Before he could catch himself, he started to coo, “On top of spaghettiiiiiii! All covered with cheeeesseeeee!”

Not that it wasn’t music to the ears, Ross, and I don’t want to speak for America, but how about sticking to Top Chef? We’ll leave American Idol to Kelly Clarkson.

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The Dog Blog

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think dogs actually hold positions here at the Noodles & Company headquarters.

There are usually dogs in the office on any given day: big dogs, small dogs, dogs in the finance department and dogs in the training department.

Who doesn’t like to see a cute dog every once in a while?
Start practicing your ‘awes’ and ‘ohhs,’ here comes the dog show.


Meet Oreo
Oreo is a Newfoundland that loves to walk herself! She is two years old and lives at home with four other of her brothers and sisters! Oreo is about 100 lbs and is painfully shy. She enjoys long walks in the park and dog treats after she sits.

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