Phelps eats at Noodles Two Days in a Row: Wins Gold

Coincidence? We think not!

We have reason to believe eating Noodles & Company once a day, for three days in a row results in gold medals.

The swimming sensation Michael Phelps, who has won an astounding 14 Olympic gold medals throughout his career, visited the Noodles & Company in Indianapolis three times during the week of July 6. We weren’t surprised when he turned in a gold medal performance at The United States Swimming National Championships that same week!

Phelps was spotted with two buddies around eight o’clock each night. An insider tells Noodles & Company he mainly stayed in his booth, except under a few circumstances when he got up to refill his soda. The type of soda he drank is still uncertain. On all three occasions, Phelps ordered the Penne Rosa with Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, and on one occasion he ordered a small dish of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.

Staff at the Indianapolis Noodles & Company location said Phelps was ‘pretty chill, always hungry, and consistent; just like his swimming career.’

Michael Phelps at Noodles!

Michael Phelps at Noodles!

Spotted: Michael Phelps
Where: Noodles & Company, Indianapolis
With: Two buddies
Order: Penne Rosa with Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast and a side of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese
Conclusion: Winners eat at Noodles


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